Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Nava Tehila concert, with Chava Mirel!

It isn't often that we have an opportunity to get to either a Nava Tehila concert or a Chava Mirel concert by subway, but we had that opportunity this past Sunday night, courtesy of Nitzotzot!  What a delight, to see both Yoel Sykes and Chava!  Here's a nice chunk of the concert.  You can see me at about the 58-second mark sitting along the right wall in a pink baseball cap (because the lighting was bothering my eyes). Here's a short snippet from another part of this concert.

Continuing what seems to be an old minhag/custom of ours, we raised the average age in the room by probably at least 30 years :), but no matter--we had a grand time not only singing, but dancing, as well  (look for two oldsters who first appear at about the 2 minutes, 40 seconds mark).  What fun!  I was misbehaving, as usual--one of these days, I'm going to get kicked out of a concert for singing along too loudly.  (I think I only get away with it because I almost always sing harmony.)  I do try to remind myself that no one is paying to hear me sing, but I find it hard to curb my enthusiasm.  Thank you so much to Nava Tehila and Chava for such beautiful music!



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